OOAK Dolls seeking new HOME
AR means articulated. Most
16" fashion Tonner dolls are
beautifully painted and are
articulated at the knees,
hips, arms, & elbows as well
as made of sturdy
porcelain-look vinyl  !
The Dolls for sale appearing here are mostly Robert Tonner's 16"
Fashion Dolls for Doll Collectors. They are all new & never been played
with, or displayed. When I acquire a doll for resale, I gently remove her
clothing and she is kept stored in her box. ( in a smoke free
environment.) Each doll here is
unique, because she will come to you
wearing an
Original, One of a Kind creation, and will come with her
own OOAK signed certificate, as well as a Tonner lucite doll stand and
her original box. ( where possible).The more complex the fashion , the
longer time I have spent designing,  creating & handcrafting the outfit,
thus the price will reflect this. Most Tonner dolls come in LIMITED
editions ( between 500 & 2000 ), so the pricing also reflects this. These
are display dolls, for adult Collectors, NOT meant for children to play
with. The Jewelry ( where applicable) is mostly made of genuine
SWAROVSKI crystals as is the beading . Please be mindfull of this when
pricing  an OOAK  ( as well as the relative price for a dressed Tonner
doll)  !
Robert Tonner's Tyler Wentworth
"Something Sleek" Blonde, enhanced
This is Robert Tonner's  beautiful 16" Tyler Wentworth "
Something Sleek " blonde  doll  , one of the first dolls ever issued
by Tonner, She does not have bending arms, like all the original
dolls, but her complexion is quasi-porcelain and she has been
discreetly enhanced with eyeshadow, lashes, eyebrows as well as
a pastel pink manicure/pedicure. She also has a pretty new "up
do" tied with red heart shaped  & delica beads.

Your doll will come wearing a charming evening fashion  consisting
of a 6 piece outfit which includes a pretty red ball gown with a
confetti red metallic halter top( lined in white), which ties with
snaps at the back, as well as lace at the waist and a rosette. The
skirt is full, made of one layer of light satin & overlaid with a
transparent layer of organza, trimmed at the edge in whilte lace &
red ribbon ( similar to waistband) & decorated with small red
rosettes. A matching red metallic  confetti shawl is also included.

Accessories include a pair of Kingstate sandals in pink & red, plus
a charming  functional purse with  attached bracelet made of
genuine SWAROVSKI crystals . Additionally, a lovely pair faux
pearl  earrings & matching necklace  with a red Swarovsky crystal
at centre front ( ties with a real clasp) complete the chic outfit.

Doll comes in a genuine Tonner box , with Tyler lucite stand,
hairnet, hangtag & Tonner papers + my OOAK certificate.

Don't miss out on THIS BEAUTY !

Your price ( OOAKTylerSleekBlond24 )..........$ 89.99

Please Click HERE for Tonner's
Velma Kelly ( Chicago ) !
Of Note: Price reflects BOTH amount of work involved, as well
as how LIMITED an issue doll is/was..these outfits are NOT
mass-produced like Tonner's, they are Hand crafted &  one of a
kind ! ( and mostly a BETTER value than Tonner's outfits! )
OOAK enhancedTyler Wentworth RTW
Career AR + Genuine fur 8 pc Suit
This is an original ONE of a KIND, DRESSED  doll : a Robert
Tonner  "Tyler Wentworth  Ready to Wear Career" Doll with
dark auburn hair  . This  16" fashion doll will come to you
wearing an OOAK  ! As with most 16" fashion Tonner dolls she
has a beautifully painted face and is articulated at the knees,
hips, arms, & elbows and is made of sturdy porcelain-look vinyl
!She has been discreetly enhanced with a manicure &
pedicure in a pale pink, to match her lips & has a pair of new
eyelashes as well as lightly frosted eyeshadow.. This  16"
beauty will come to you wearing an 8pc piece OOAK  outfit
which includes a skirt , jacket,  blouse ,scarf, hat , shoes,
purse, & pantyhose,.She will come to you boxed, ready for gift

The fully hand stitched suit consists of a lined jacket made of
dark brown  genuine fur ( which has a hook & eye closure) as
well as sage green cashmere wool fabric. The cashmere skirt
is also fully lined and ties with a snap at the back. Also
included is a pretty leopard-print crêpe de chine blouse ( made
in France by my friend Claude Marie, also a fashion doll
afficionado !) along with a matching scarf.Accessories include
a pair of beige Tonner pantyhose, a pair of black faux leather
Tonner shoes , a charming (lined)  fur hat and a ( functional,
snap closure)  green cashmere wool
baguette purse with a chain handle.

Tyler will come in a Tonner box.with a hairnet, Tonner hang
tag,&  2pc Lucite stand, plus my  OOAK certificate attesting
this is a ONE of a Kind doll/outfit. I work in a SMOKE-Free
environment, and I pay great attention to the details.

Your price (OoakRTWCareer07 )...........................$ 89.99

Copyright Good Deal Beauty street, LLC 2011all rights reserved
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These are the current Tonner Doll Body Types :

Original Body - No Longer in production - includes non-bending arms and
articulated movement at the neck, shoulders, hips (hip joints are not rotational ball
joints) and knees.

BA Body (bending arms) - includes articulated movement at the elbows, neck,
shoulders, hips (hip joints are not rotational ball joints) and knees.

AR Body (articulated body) - includes articulated movement at the elbows, neck,
shoulders, side-to-side drop shoulder joint, twist waist, hips (hip joints are
rotational ball joints) and knees.

BW Body (bending wrists) – the ‘BW’ body is the same as the AR body, but adds
increased elbow movement and bending wrists.