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OOAKS  by H d B
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Haute OOAK
Couture by Hélène
de Bromont !
Welcome to the world of Fashion Dolls here on  Good Deal Beauty !

I have been creating handcrafted ONE of a KIND
( OOAK ) Fashion doll
dresses and accessories for 5 years although I have been sewing and
designing my own patterns for over 40 yrs ! All my creations are hand
stitched and take hours/days to make. I work ( & live) in a SMOKE-Free

These fashions , as well as dolls and the unique creations they are wearing
are meant for collectors ( like myself) and for display. They are not toys, nor
can children appreciate the fine workmanship and hand beading..

I have concentrated my efforts mostly on 16" fashion dolls such as Robert
Tonner 's
Tyler Wentworth & friends & I own mostly his dolls  ( several
Tylers, one each of  Sydney Chase,  Stella,  Glinda & Brenda Starr, as well
as one Matt O'Neill, everyone's favorite escort ! ) I also own one Madame
Alexander 's Alex, as well as one Gene, so if you wish me to create an ooak
for your favorite doll, just e mail me ( click on contact us above) & I have the
body co-ordinates here, as well as yards & meters of beautiful, new & some
vintage fabrics PLUS I welcome custom requests/orders, and do bear in
mind that all these fashions fir the ne Sybarite dolls , as well as Ellowyne &
friends !

I especially love to hand bead dresses, despite the fact it takes days to do !
The finished product  is always so awesome !

I also own several Silkstone Barbie Lingerie fashion Model dolls, and have
created pretty fashions for them in the past, thus I can also make something
for yours too  !

Additionally, from time to time I acquire a new Doll which I will dress in one of
my  OOAK fashions & sell right here on my site !(always in mint condition) I
currently have one Velma, one Daphne &  several Tylers (some  enhanced)
for sale , all wearing an ooak creation.

Around the Holidays I always prepare special "giftsets" for the Silkstones, as
well as for Tyler & friends,  which includes a doll PLUS some mix & match
OOAK fashions, boxed.

Here again, if you are looking for something unique, for a special occasion,  
feel free to email me...I am very flexible and always pleased to accept a
custom order !

Thanks for dropping by !

Hélène de Bromont ,

Haute OOAK Couture
                                                                  Copyright Good Deal Beauty street, LLC 2008 all rights reserved
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These are the current Tonner Doll Body Types :
Original Body - No Longer in production - includes non-bending arms and articulated movement at the neck,
shoulders, hips (hip joints are not rotational ball joints) and knees.
BA Body (bending arms) - includes articulated movement at the elbows, neck, shoulders, hips (hip joints are not
rotational ball joints) and knees.
AR Body (articulated body) - includes articulated movement at the elbows, neck, shoulders, side-to-side drop
shoulder joint, twist waist, hips (hip joints are rotational ball joints) and knees.
BW Body (bending wrists) – the ‘BW’ body is the same as the AR body, but adds increased elbow movement
and bending wrists.