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Champagne Brunch
on Monday!
On April 25, we went to Littleton & took pictures at the
covered bridge over the Ammonoosuc river& water
wheel/Mill with lunch at Miller's Café on the waterfront.
Perennial Pleasures Nursery &
Tea Garden, East Hardwick
May 18-19-20 Victoria Weekend visit with Nicole &
J-P:we visited the Glennview Winery in Est Calais &
had a nice picnic lunch there on Sunday ...
Caspian Lake
Pix taken at Rod Lauman's garden"Cats & Roses" fundraising event for the Kingdom Animal Shelter on June 29
July 5th our aborted attempt to board the train on Railroad day ( we bought
the tickets 3 weeks ahead & they let last minute ticket buyers on BEFORE us!
July 6 went to the MILAREPA Buddhist Centre for an Interfaith celebration of the Dailai
Lama's 78th birthday, with entertainment from Pempa Tsering who performed on various
Tibetan musical instruments , as well as folk dancing & incl. Village Harmony, + cake!
Kingdom Animal Shelter Shots
May 30- Rich & I went to Littleton (NH) for lunch at Miller's Café & then a visit to
Chutters, who have the LONGEST candy counter in the world ( Guiness world record!)
Jun 22-23 Tabatha came for a visit with Aidan & Sabina, Rich's grandkids & we first went  to
Farmer's Daughter where they have a small animal farm with ducks , geese & goats.  We
then went onto "Dog Chapel" & the Stephen Huneck gallery, in the rain, amid the lupins,
prior to attending the Citizen of the Year dinner for Jay Sprout, our minister.
Senator Jane Kitchel read
out the Vt house resolution
/commendation to Jay
Sprout, Citizen of the year
in St. Johnsbury, as Darcie
McCann , Northeast
Kingdom Chamber head,
looks on. On the right,
Jay's acceptance speech,
after Darcie gives him the
Citizen award book.
Aidan & Sabina "in
the dragon's jaw" at
the Fairbanks
Museum &
Planetarium in St.
J. on Sunday Jun 23
Pictures taken at KINGDOM ANIMAL Shelter, where I am now doing volunteer work, weekly !
Pix taken at St.J Golf & Country Club where I had lunch with Alice on June 25th
July 7, Jay Sprout's last Mass as our
Pastor @ North Congregational Church
Some mid-July Garden shots ( incl Tomatoes & CORN+ Gladioli )
AND impressive chocolates too !
Seen floating
around Aug
1st near exit
24 off I-91
Late July
front & back
garden shots
incl. Lil
Buddy + toad
in pond.
Rich on a new trail (left)& lunch at the Country club
Aug 16-17-18 Susan & Wayne down for the weekend, we went  to 1) Glennview Winery  for some fruity wine tastings & then
to Perennial Pleasures gardens for tea on Saturday, (after  trying for the Cabot Creamery, which was closed due to power
outage) & had lunch at the St. J Golf & country Club on Sunday, after Church & then to Farmer's Daughter for Ice cream!
These 2 shots of
little buddy  are for
cat calendar
contest...the one at
left already
Above picture, on
right-hand side
,one can see
Camel's Hump
mountain.( 2nd
highest peak in
vT ) . We had a
nice tour of the
Winery & fruit
growing areas.
Perennial Pleasures'
Tea Garden terrace.
with Calla lilies, below)
Lunch at the Golf club & onto the
Farmer's Daughter mini petting zoo &
gift shop.