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Aug 1-2 stacking begins &  discussing with Dale Newland, our builder...
Aug 3rd, 3 layers stacked !
Aug 4th, Layers 4 & 5 stacked, plus Rich has sanded & stained~ fabulous work!
Aug 5, Rich doing
the staining, we
are up to row 7
now ( out of 13). Rich
shows off his
puddding mix"
(borite Stain)
Aug 6, Now 8 rows up !
Aug 8, Putting up rows 9-10
Standing in my future kitchen
My secret garden
Aug 9, rows 11 & 12 up, with inside views ~sanded & stained up to row 8 !
Aug 10th, Rainy Day, ( perfect for installing Garage doors!)
Aug 11, Row 13 is up! trusses ready ! Dale & Chris
+ Rich have done a tremendous job!
Aug 12, Trusses BEGIN to be  installed,
4 workers  + crane = expensive day !
Aug 13, checking out Rich's work !
Aug 17 Work resumes after major Rain delay: trusses finalized & OSB roofing started
Aug 18 Ice & water Shield + Felt on 1 Side
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Aug 22 We picked up tiles, insulation, toilets, loo
stuff, mold guard,  wood stove, etc from Lowes
Aug 22 Roofing  Ice & Water
shield done on front side of roof
Aug 23 Rich framed, built & stained  a
fabulous ManCave door ( 4' wide)
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Aug 24: Rich stained the M-C door +
started on the tyvec-like material
Aug 25, Metal Roof delivery day, & Rich started working on porch & deck posts
Showing off the Roof!
Aug 27 getting ready 2 sand !  PRE-Irene
Showing off Man cave door !
Wood Stove +Tub
/shower unit »
Aug 31, Appraisor visit
Sept 1: Rich built scaffold
to work on gable end
Sept 2-3 : OSB up & 4 , then 6 rows done, hard work for 1 !
Sep3-Sanding away "tongue " around sills ( before & after)
Sep 4 Rich installing
Patio Door, off dining room
Sep 3-4 Dining room sliding doors + bedroom Windows & Kitchen all installed
( Required flat surface
BEFORE installing windows )
Sept 6, Rich worked on stairs & moved dirt to fill holes near
edge of foundation !( ext. stairs are temporary)
Sept 7~Yet ANOTHER rainy day...Rich worked
mostly from the interior.Got our loo window in!
Sept 8- Rich got special roof ladder built
& put up eave edge trim, as well as
inspected roof for Irene & Lee damage
Sept 9- Guest bedroom window + roof work~ Rich applied fresh tar paper, also started on
metal roof ( eave edge)and  applied tar in the staple & or nail holes
Sep 10 Pantry door installed & roof is progressing thanks to Rich's hard work !
Sept 12 we picked up more loot at Home Depot & Lowes':
Tiles, kitchen Cabinets, ciment boards,fencing, etc
Sep 11 Before & after I sanded this wall
Sept 11 ,
2nd panel
goes up (
after tarring
& felt paper)
Sept 13, 3rd panel is up
Sept 14 Panels 5 + 6 are up. Rich had much to tar. before
applying metal....loads of holes in the ice & water shield
Sep 15 Rainy day work:
Rich did stairs + window
Sept 16th: I helped with the stairs & Rich got  panel #7 up
Sept 17- Rich hoist 9th & 10
panels up+   front door is in !
Sept 18 Office/deck door is in & up to Panel 14
Sep 19~ Close-up  Main front door & Panel 18 up!
Sept 21 We have hired Justin Newland to help us
complete the building.  Roof panel # 21 is now up!
Sept 20-Kathy Devereaux of the
North Country Credit Union, who
has been helping us, has come
through  & we are most grateful!
The middle Living room window is in...Master Bath Tub
is now in master Bathroom & Justin Newland poses !
Sept 22, Den ( Cat room) & Office windows
both up, on this ( yet again ) rainy day !
Sept 23 Roof side 1  all done & LR windows all in ! Great job by Rich !
Sept 24 Framing begun & Rich up on roof blocking more holes
Sep 26 I applied Minwax varnish while Rich
caulked & started building scaffold for roof
Sep 27 Rich continues on scaffold,while Justin does framing
Brent is BACK! yay!
Sep 28, they worked on evening the floors & setting up the scaffold 2x4's
Sep 29, rainy day work inside, Framed 1 office wall & 1 main loo wall
+ Ciment board down in Laundry room ( Justin poses for camera)!
Oct 1-4 Harris Plumbing  are back to install radiant tubing  in basement for our main floor heat , framing
progressing, with Justin & Rich( who's been concentrating on ciment board installation). Exterior front
scaffold is up & ready for a dry day ( we will get one someday) ! and Brent brought in the skid-steerer.
These are pix I took from Mile 153 & beyond ( windmills) on
I-91 , as well as mile 144.2 of Peak rd, plus some fall
scenes, incl. our entrance drive and St. Johnsbury  
Estabrook Inn & small parc opposite
Oct 5~ a SUNNY DAY, at
last !  Justin is working
on gable end  while Rich
fixes garage door &
documents septic  tank
meticulous work.
Oct 5 Brent is working on
our septic tank !
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Oct 8- Drainpipe in for
septic & Brent works on
leach field