Good Deal Beauty
October  and
November 2011
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Oct 6, Sunny day! one
Gable end completed!
Scaffold is ready for other end!
Oct 6, Brent , working on the leach field, putting pipes in from Septic to Leach fields....
Oct 8 South Gable end finished & stained, Justin on Front side of roof with Panel 3-4,
while I varnish  Dining room & bedroom walls ( Rich  in front of framed loo !
Oct 7 Justin works on north gable end & I primed kitchen Cabinets, while Harris completes tubing on ceiling/floor
Oct 9- Rich worked on
Chimney kit & I varnished the
Master Bathroom while Brent
covered & connected the
septic to the leach field.
Rich with BAD bruise (at
least swelling is down!)
Oct 10- Picked up Attic  insulation,
wood for flooring & chimney stuff
at Lowes, Justin put up panels 5-6
roof, Harris did the main toilet
drain & some piping & almost
completed the radiant pipes.
oct 10 Brent worked on
covering leach field pipes &
exchange ( D-Tank)
Oct 11-the CARR Well people were in to install the
pump, but something went VERY wrong, supposedly
the pump got stuck, about 1/3rd  way down!
Oct 11, Rich put in
Chimney top part, Justin
worked several panels as
well as framed the living
room & walk-in closet
Oct 12 Justin did Several
panels & Rich completed
the chimney installation
Oct 13, Jim Trottier  hired to
work on deck & on Porch.  
Justin works on framing den
Rich continues on chimney...
Oct 13: Attic Insulation
Oct 14 Jim & Brent got the Rosboro beams up for the
deck & Carr is back to "fix" the well & Rich completed
trapdoor &  landing in attic for chimney maintenace!
Oct 15 Rich worked on
wiring, I continued to
varnish and Justin &
Mike  moved sheetrock
& doors plus built
another frame
Oct 16 ~I varnished Den, Office & 2nd-coated Master Bedroom + walk-in. Rich
installed hot & cold water pipes in basement as well as connected power line to
site of upcoming indoor panel, ready for transfer this coming wednesday !
Oct 17- Well pump is
working ( water is
muddy) & Justin puts up
last panels on roof, YAY!!
Oct 19 The Well is now running Clear ! Electric panel now moved inside !  Jim
Trottier is back ( with Andrew) to work on our deck. Justin worked hard on
framing some walls  upstairs & in the basement ( utility room & loo).  Brent
worked on getting top soil onto front yard & septic area.
Oct 20- Jim & Andrew worked on deck while Brent started working on the backyard topsoil & removing a few
trees to make yard bigger. Harris were in with the boiler+ furnace, and finish the rough-in in the laundry room
Oct 21-22 Rich rented gizmo to lift
drywall 2 ceiling & started working
on the insulation & ceiling, from
attick & below. I picked up
dishwasher & Central vacuum
system & helped with the ceiling
compound, ( as did Tabatha & Mike,
who visited from CT on sat. with the
kids) while Jim & Andrew finished
the deck & temporary railing. Well is
capped & Brent worked covering
septic & leachfield
Oct 23-24  Continued ceiling compound/spackling,
Rich continues with drywall /ceiling and insulation,
Pete came by to help paint cupboards.
Lunch break by
installed wood stove
Oct 25 Justin is back! He
worked on north gable end,
Rich continued ceiling & I
gave a first coat to
cupboards downstairs!
Rich appears to be
getting a cold,
Justin already has
one...who's next?
Oct 26-27 Exterior vapour barrier in front of OSB
is up~ awaiting nice day for siding ! Ceiling drywall
almost complete. Justin, despite his cold, hard at
work &  Rich returned gizmo( drywall lifter) . I
worked on front lawn "landscaping" & moved bales
Oct 28-30 Harris was in to
connect boiler & tanks,
Rich worked on framing,
plumbing & caulking, incl
tub drain. I worked garden
& varnished guest bedroom.
Oct 31 Lite snow fell overnight & I finished the
step-stones, Justin framed Den & Master bath and  Rich
& Andrew worked on framing & plumbing downstairs.
Nov 1~ I spread the hay in
back yard, we had the oil
delivery over. Justin
worked on framing ( he's
almost done!) and Rich &
Andrew worked in
basement, framing &
Nov 3~ Rich continued on electric in basement as
Andrew did more framing. Justin & Mike worked on
framing upstairs & then on North gable end & also
moved things/wood around, a very productive day !
Nov 4-5-6 Getting ready for winter, with driveway reflectors.
Rich did wiring in kitchen & cemented tiles in main bathroom ~
great work~ I laid my first glass tile in the Master loo.
Nov 7th- Andrew worked on
insulation, Harris was back
working on finalizing the
radiant  & manifolds, Justin
worked on framing & north
gable end & Rich worked
on installing the Central
vacuum & insulation/wiring.
Nov 8-Justin worked on headers & he &
Mike did 2 more rows of siding on gable
end. Rich worked the main loo. Harris
continued work AND CARR finally
showed up with  hookup to expansion
tank. We got water ( and heat!) YAY !
Nov 9- Jim T. started on
porch work ( poured
SONO tubes) with
Andrew, Justin & Mike &
Rich worked on wiring,
insulation, some tiles,
headers & moved fence.
Nov 10, Rick Norcross started working on our ceiling overnight & Rich worked
on tiling from 2 a.m. as well as cement boards.(Nov 19 deadline approaches!),
meanwhile, Jim & Andrew put in a full day of working on the porch !
Nov11-12 Rich installed shower head in loo, while
Andrew  worked on the bedroom floor & Justin on
panelling the loo. Sat, Rich  continued working tiles,
now most of hallway is done !
Nov 13~ I organized
Rich's tools nStuff plus
assembled a few things,
while Rich applied tiles in
entrance hall & finished
hall near bedroom.
Nov 15~ Jim & Andrew worked on the  porch~ Justin &
Rich worked on loo & Rich did both wiring & plumbing
in loo & kitchen~ Bed was deliverd & appliances too!
Nov 15~ our loo now works~
Nov 16 Rich hard at work on sink, Justin
busy with hanging doors. Jim & Andrew do
the porch & ramp.( and walls at night!)
Nov 17 Jim & Andrew finished the porch ramp & rail ! Internet satellite dish installed
on backside of deck. Justin did more doors as well as handles  & started on
electrical, Rich continued on kitchen plumbing & supervised. I continued to bring
stuff up from the basement, trying to get all ready for our first visitors, tomorrow!
Dining room/master suite
wall & door installed !
Nov 19-20 scenes from our wedding party ~ Living Room & dining room areas +
Our NEW Porch +
Ramp and our
completed Loo
Above , my sister Niclole at
the buffet tables. Right,
conference in the dining
room. Below, my sister's  
dog Rosie in guest bed-
room. Left, my new kitchen !
To the left, Nov 19, Rich & I
cutting the wedding cake as
Sabina, Rich's grand-
daughter looks on. Farther
left, wedding guests in
Living room area.....
Nov 20th
relaxing in
our new
room !
Above, Nov 18th living room floor
done. Below our first official meal,
with good friends
.Susan & Wayne.
Nov 22-23-24~ Over 1 ft
snow fell~ driveway
ploughed by Jim T~
Reflectex going up in
basement- Guest bedroom
floor done.
Nov 25-25 I worked on
ceiling paint, while
Rich & Justin did
insulation , electric &
more loo work &
Andrew did Office
floor. Our bedroom is
taking shape!
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