Good Deal Beauty
November-December 2012 +
January 2013
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Nov 1-4,  Rich completed
molding around door &
built a new desk/computer
workstation for our office.
My New Boston Fern in
our Master loo
showcases molding !
The Homestead- November 28-29-30
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Nov 16 Mysty out in back yard
checking out new birdhouses
Backyard shots, Nov 28-29
Nov 30, after yet another snowfall !
Dec 3-4 Some recent shots taken for a follow up on the appraisal, with tile cut-out details, etc
Jan 21 Rich completed my hutch...doors & drawers !
Feb 23-24 Big snowfall shots~
Rich with snowplough below
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November lite
snow falling &
Huey in yard
did the trim
Dining  room
Nov6-7 Rich completed the baseboards in Guest Bedroom,all closet doors varnished
Nov 9-12 Rich trimmed around his Master bedroom  
closet, did the window frame in our office along with
baseboards in office & kitty room !
Nov 13-14 Huey at play on composter & in
backyard, enjoying late fall sunny days!
Nov 13-14 Rich worked on
window frames in our
bedroom & Living room
Nov 15-Rich
finished the
window sill &
frame in our
Ready for Christmas !
Nov 20-21 Rich made NEW fence stiles  for deck &
stored deck furniture in greenhouse & BBQ for  Winter
Nov 21-22 Rich painted the stairs &
trimmed each side for a nice finish.
Nov 22-Pond is still frozen &
will likely be all winter !.. No
more warm days ahead!
Nov 23 all photos taken just prior to Appraisor's visit....keeping our fingrers crossed for a decent appraisal!
Basement shots: Xtra bedroom, 3rd loo, Rich's workshop
Nov 28 outdoor shots
Nov's SNOWING buckets! Yay !
3 Office shots- Nov 29 with decorations up
Backyard shots
Front Pond + backyard scenes
Dec 1 Nice snowy LATE
afternoon shot w/lights
Dec 12-13 Christmas Decorations all up- Pix sent
to Coventry Log Homes
Jan 3-7 Rich has been working on my table, + Winter scenes
Tunneling to composter !
Scenes AFTER the snowstorm, early January 2013
Jan 7th squirell tracks in the snow