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Rich completed molding around door & built a
new desk/computer area for our office
Putting up walls in
utility room &
finishing trim along
The Homestead Oct-November
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Rich finished the hutch
doors & started working
on my dining room
table, also made some
shelves for the boys in
the office
( Rich dug the holes first)
More Garden shots, July 15
July 14 blooming Gladiolus
July 17 Gladioli+ Tomatoes
July 8 through Jul 17: We are having work done by Jim Trottier & Doug Labounty :
the  ramp extended AND having a roof installed over the front porch.( sono tubes, etc)
July 1st Garden shots of
tomatoes, cukes, peppers
& misc. flowers & herbs!
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Decorations around
the Radley house!
Working on putting
up basement ceiling
and doors+
re-working workshop
Mar 20- more snow+
coming for Easter!
First  spring flowers : daffodils
over septic tank ! Greenhouse &
hummingbird...signs of spring !
Rich made a vanity for
our Master bathroom,
upstairs, with my
custom made
ceramic sink
Above, garden scenes, , here are shots of
basement guest bedroom, as well as bathroom # 3
Rich in
workshop & new
loo # 3
kitchen &
feeder, plus house
exterior shot, below
Rich built a wishing well
to cover the well pipe!
Near-complete ramp Jul16