Good Deal Beauty
March-April-May 2012
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Shots of Utility room
with storage areas
March 10-12 Rich completed
tiling in our loo.
March 17-18 more basement work.. Rich's ManCave is really shaping
up, with 2 new windows! plus some action shots of Rich at work !
Before(no  window)
...... and  After .....»
Before & After
March 18
Rich in his
man cave!
March 19- Snow is melting
fast! it's in the 70'sF and the
squirrels now know how to
operate their peanut feeder!
March 20-Rich completed the North
Gable in late-spring-like weather
March 25 Bog bridge background
& small waterfall in foreground
Bold & hungry  backyard visitor!
March 21 Rich started
finishing the exterior front
panels near his mancave
Started my seedlings, incl.
tomatoes below ( in a
topsy-turvy container)....
Mar 29~ Rich built up
east wall in man cave
Completed Gable»
Apr 1 Rich fills peanuts in sqirrel
feeder & suet in bird feeder
April 1 Bleaching wall in Kitty room &
litter area now ready for the boy's arrival
April 1 Easter Wreath on door & pix of front yard where i
moved dirt...those white specs are snowflakes!
Apr1-2 Pix of Rich in his
workshop with misc. tools
incl. Mitre & saw bench
March 31 Utility
room shots-place
is now packed !
Apr 3~ Rich finished the
flooring in the basement
future guest bedroom
April 4-5 Rich put up wall in
mancave & insulated it...
April 9, Rich completed walls in
future downstairs guest bedroom
April 14-15-16 We worked on front ( I used up a good
chunck of the landfill )  & back yard, Rich finished front
siding, then started on my backyard fence ( for the Kats),
Seedlings coming along & my daffodils are sprouting!
April 17th~ Rich finished
staining the front of our
house~ Great  !
April 15 ~Rich starts on fence
Apr 19~ End Gable stained.
Apr 21 Kitty Room Shots
April 21- Using Rich-made
sieve to siphon out stones
from dirt ~ working on
moving dirt into back yard!
April 21-22 Rich built me little
corner  shelves at front of house
to put plants on this summer! He
also started framing the living
room windows!
Both bear ( above) & moose
(below) are leaving us
future fertilizer ( 2 b
composted ) !
Apr22-We got visits from a
woodchuck (below) as well
as a bear this weekend
We transplanted a Fir
AND a Cedar into the yard
My Daffodils are almost
ready to bloom!
April 28~ Someone forgot to
tell the weatherman it's
supposed to be late spring!
April 28 front & back yards
April 28
melted &
growing in our
back yard !
Rich completed the siding & tiles
on kitchen island !
Snow all melted in
the afternoon, mini
waterfall off driveway
Apr 30-May 1: Rich has been tidying his workshop! shots of
Band Saw, Drill, Sander, Table saw, Clamps & Lathe
Meantime, I been working
in the back yard, planting
grass seeds , the
sunflowers & covered the
grass seeds...started the
May 2~ Rich installed
water on 1 side of shower,
where it's grouted...
Kitty Litter area behind curtain
May 5~ Rich finished
grouting & faucets
May 5-6-7 Daffodils are
blooming ! Worked the front
yard ( solar ligts) and spread
the first 2 of many flower rolls
after moving dirt under.
May 5-6 Bought & spread
more bark chips, moved
more dirt into my garden
& spread more stepping
stones, planted grass
seeds and wildflower
seeds all around
shepherd's posts. Also
set up a piggy scarecrow !
May 7~ Rich finished the
siding by garage doors !
May 12-13- Completed the
bark nuggets  in the garden,
green things are sprouting!
May 12~ I filled  nectar in the
Hummingbird feeder, as we are
regularly getting visits, we
counted 3 different ones, so far !
May 12~ we installed a bird
bath near the cedar & actually
saw a red-crested woodpecker,
among other birds!
The scarecrow is
actually an old vacuum
cleaner cover~ a pig in a
bonnet + dress !
May 13~ on the right is where
my vegetable garden will be!
I got GRASS!
Rich set up a
bat-house on
the south
gable side  to
attract bats, so
we get less
bugs !
May 13~ Rich finished the trim around the front +
side windows & put up a "doorbell"
May 12-13~ Rich
finished installing
the grab bars in
the tub and I put
up the shower
curtains. Had my
first shower on
Sunday in my new
tub ! YAY !
May 17-18 Rich is working on building
me a hutch for the dining room!
Next are
doors, hinges,
&  drawers
We have a
working double
shower in the
Bathroom suite !
This is
the dirt
pile I use
to fill »

for my
herbs !
May 17-18 My back
garden scenes
We have regular Hummingbird visits !
May 17-18 Laid out 5 more flower "rolls" ( total of 9 down)and covered
them with dirt, put up more solar lights up/down the walking  path
May 23- 3 visitors in leachfield
May 26-27 Planted all my veggie seedlings + tomatoes &
raspberries in my future veg. garden area.
Misc. Garden pix
Put out 3 Hanging baskets of flowers
Rich has been cutting more birches to make posts & railing + stiles for the
deck and he also helped me move some large stones to line the driveway
Rich continued with dining room Hutch & I put up a planter in our loo by the window
May 27-28 Rich started digging the Pond outline in the front yard & inserted underground pipes
June 1-3 Some Nature Shots , including at Hummingbird feeder
Rich brought the hutch
up & I started planting
grass seeds on front
lawn, after moving dirt
under...A work in
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