Good Deal Beauty
Sept- October 2012
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June 1 Monarch at feeder
Jun2-3 Rich has begun railing
& posts for future deck fence
Doors & drawers still missing, but
hutch is functional for storage!
Jun8-9 Showcasing my new
lawnmower, composter &
mini-greenhouse !
Jun 9-10 Rich, the axe-man, worked the deck railing, mostly, while I
continued moving topsoil to future front lawn & planting more grass seeds.
My back Garden scenes
That's the future pond outline, front, left
Jun 16-17 Scenes from our garden property, beyond the enclosed yard
working on access
jun 15 front
dirtwork & more
Rich & I both worked on
digging the pond
Rich's new TOY!
June 15-16-17 I moved more dirt & planted more Grass seeds !
Jun 22-25 Rich with another new
toy, mowing the lawn, at BBQ +  
front & backyard scenes
jun24- Burke Mountain area scenes
Jun 25 - Storm-a -coming
Pond is progressing!
Jun 30-Jul1-2, More Grass seeds
planted & grass IS growing!
July 4th HEAVY rainfall..half-filled the pond
and really messed up my grass seeds!
July 8-Flowers on Burke mountaintop & Rich with deck railing
Back yard herbs, flowers are growing!
July 14-15 Garden progressing !
July 17-19 Rich was busy
installing ceiling fans in 5 rooms  
~great timing as weather is HOT
He also worked on digging  the
trench for our spring-fed pond !
Above is in the
Main(guest) bathroom
& to the left is the
Kitty cat room !
Jul 20-23 Rich continued
on trench & located
underground spring ! (
now the piping will need
to be installed )
July 20-22 Rich & I also worked
on sifting topsoil, carting it to
front lawn & I seeded the whole
rest of the near side !( what was
previously worked is now burnt!)
July 20-22 My back garden
flowers are growing as is my
veggie garden, incl tomatoes
& cucumbers + herbs !
July 23 Trench partly caved in
following heavy rains, but luckily, pipe
is underneath de dirt.
July 28-30- Pipes & stakes in
place for pond, Rich started
re-filling trenches....Our First
rose, in bloom & wildflowers
growing along the pathway !
JULY 29~
Backyard Garden
is blooming!
July 30-Rich is working
on attic insulation & the
wasp problem is now
Aug 3-5 Rich worked on
stakes for pond, then liner as
well as moved dirt nearby &
covered up trench !
Aug 10-13- Rich moved more dirt, and seeds planted
earlier this week are sprouting by the pond !
I reaped my first tomato & many more are coming!
Aug 13 I been feeding de squirrells again! ( backyard woodpile)
Aug 9-10 Rich worked at installing the toydy in
the downstairs loo & the electric fixture...
Aug 10-12
from my
Aug-Rich cleared out the woodpile ( moved 2 garage)
from the lot next to leechfield  & created parking spots +
sowed more grass seeds for the tractor driveway.
Sept 1- My cucumbers are growing! & Rich worked on digging deeper for the spring
Sept 5 Overnight rainfall
helped fill the pond ( a little)!
(Drought is tough on grass)
Rich has also been working on my
future dining room table..that's a
pillar/leg in the lathe!  He also
painted the garage floor !  » » »
Sept 11, Rich built my 2
ramps for the cats...he also
did the trim around the door
last weekend !
Sept 8- Heavy rains lately have
helped start to fill the pond!
From the wheat/leachfield ~ June 10
Oct 15,2012
Sister-in-law Danielle's 2 shots
of the Homestead, Sept 17
Rich took some shots of a  
Red Pileated Woodpecker  in
our trees. ( below, in flight)
Sept 23 Rich is
filling the back
part of the
parking area
Autumn decoration is up on
the door and leaves are
covering the pond!
Sept 25, Rich
completed the
garden gate!
Fall Foliage
shots , right
on our
property &
left on Rte
Sept 23~ more crown molding shots, in
entrance hallway area, dining room & hall
Rich installs privacy  door
handle in our master suite
Oct 2 Huey is settling, following
his & Mysty's arrival on the 30th
Oct 3-5 We moved my
Bromont furniture on Oct 3 &
"settled" things in the living
room on the 4th & 5th, where
Rich finished crown molding.
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