Good Deal Beauty
View from The Moore's                 Wheelock Village Cemetary &
( neighbours) house                           Town Hall with  Gazebo
394 Peak rd. + Wheelock area, Jan-Feb 2011
March 2011
APRIL 2011, Brent Newland
BEGINS Land Clearing   !
Copyright Good Deal Street, LLC. All rights reserved 2011
MAY 2011 Excavation
of driveway begins
Rich clipping a path
above & his first of
many stacked  wood
piles below, which he
chainsawed or axed.
May 12-14 driveway &
Culvert, Brent's work
Excavating around the
foundation site
The NEWLAND's at
work ( footing), etc
Preparing the Froms
for the foundation
Pouring Cement
Putting up Forms for
future pouring
July:  Rich hard at
work, tarring , snipping
off rods, etc
A job
Lunch & /or Break time!
July 14: WELL
drilling begins
Harris Plumbing &
Radiant Heat basement
work for Boiler: July 15
Foam Insulation + Rebar
July 18, Coventry Log
Home Kit Delivery !
Jason, Rich & Chris,
360 ft later....+ 50' casting..
coulda been worse, I guess !
Got WOOD ?
July 18 More wood (
trusses) + Cement Floor
pouring days(+ Jul19) !
Completed basement
floor, July 19, fantastic job
by Brent Newland & clan
Jul 24, Brent working on
retaining wall by driveway
One of several SONO tubes
4 porch & deck posts
Power cables & panel
installed, we should be
online by  the 26th
A look at Rich's injury
incurred while working on
a widow maker he's
pointing to...!
Walking on Rich's Bog
Bridge, lots of good work!
Rich showing me
the GUTS of the
Power Panel
Jul 25, Dale Newland,
Chris & Devin begin
construction while Brent
completes retaining wall
Rich with our
Master Bathroom
Tub, below
July 26 Lyndonville Electric
Dept install our transformer!
We got de Power !
July 26 framing
being started
July 27 construction
July 28...wood for sub-flooring
Spring 2 b
used to
wash cars ,
July 30th checking
out our future garage
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Ded-Man wall, below
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